''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Ley Line Musings

A couple of years ago I moved to a new house on a east-west ley line here in the Aux Arcs (French Anglicized as Ozarks) foothills that runs a straight track from Cane Creek to Black River. It's interesting exploring the various energies in this historic area. Our road is the path of least resistance through the forested hilly terrain, that connected up with the the old Military Road/Natchitoches Trail from Fredricktown into Arkansas. There's a lot of texture to the frequency here, it's filled with Indian mounds still emitting Atlantean energy signature, Hernando de Soto passed through here on his way to Valley of the Vapors, Hot Springs Arkansas on his 16th century expedition and there were many Civil War skirmishes fought all over our area, a few miles south thousands of Confederate Troops camped and trained at Pittman's Ferry and launched raids in Missouri from that point under the command of General Sterling Price.  The Cherokee infamous Trail of Tears march camped at Keener Springs and it was used as a hospital during the Civil War Battle of Pilot Knob, that was fought all the way down south of Greenville across Black River near the old Military Road ford. A few miles to the east is famous Indian Ford on the St. Francis River, see it from a small plane if you can and of course it's in the New Madrid earthquake fault vortex. My maternal English/Cherokee great great grandparents was among the first settlers here before the Civil War so perhaps my Nature Intelligence mission wasn't so much chosen as I was born into it. I am still discovering the nuances of this ley line, filtering out the buzz of negative energy, using ages old Temple Training skills and abilities that require being grounded and present holding the frequency. With an Angelpod on the pond in my backyard it's fair to say this is a extremely energetically active ley line area. The historic imprint definitely prevails and it's a privilege to be here and participate as this beautiful planet evolves into the age of Aquarius.


Some of you may remember when it was popular when you met new people.to say "What's your sign"...it was a leftover from the experiential 60's but has faded now that it's impolite to get too personal. But on that same theme, "What's your flower?" Astrology was and is interesting but flowers are an overlooked folk medicine that can rescue us from what ails us. A lot of you may know the story about the Tibetan refugee in Seattle who had cancer and healed himself by sitting 'downwind from flowers', an old Tibetan folk therapy. The first time I read his story it deeply touched me...that Nature Intelligence had given us such a simple way to heal ourselves. It totally changed how I see flowers. I always appreciated their beauty but now I sense their living vitality, their aura of energy they exude. If you don't have flowers where you live but know your flower then you could begin working with that. Find a picture, buy the essence, oils, buy a scented candle, perfume, incense, sachets, creams, pillow and even cook with it should it be edible. You can wear the flower color and paint your room or private space or even have fake flowers-all that and more can connect you and dedicates your intent. If you get into it (intuit) enough you may begin to work with the Deva of your flower as well. Perhaps you have your flower as a house plant or it grows in your garden? If so then you may already be benefiting from the healing power. My flower is Lavender. What's yours?

Learning How To Be Present

Ever since Oprah had Eckhart Tolle on her show, there has been a lot of talk about being present. The idea is to be present in our bodies quietly experiencing. Reading and speaking with others I realized that there is still misunderstanding about just what experiencing is. One person told me they were always present but actually they are rarely present unless their body whacks them with an illness into the present...momentarily. They think experiencing is feeling EMOTION and they are the ultimate drama queen. NOT. The idea of being present and experiencing as a way to stop the mechanical mind is an old one, Tolle's focus is on being present as well as many other authors out there but here's my 2cents worth again. Being present experiencing is when you are fully present right now in your body without thought, judgement, expectation, resistance, ideas, hurt, blame, memories, depression etc. Whatever qualities you might be feeling you continue to experience without judgement. You merely observe. You are here right now. An old friend told me a trick way back in the 1960's. She said notice the outlines. It works. Look at the room where you are and notice the outline of the furniture, the door, the window, your hand etc. This stops the monkey mind immediately. Yes, it starts again but with practice we can retrain ourself to be present in quiet awareness without the intrusive mind. Even when we notice the mind in the background it is non-interfering. OR as Tolle said, and I paraphrase, put your attention on your feet; you can't think if you have your attention on your feet. There are many ways to stop the mind and begin experiencing. If you are one of those "I think therefore I am" people then make it work for you. All the dedication you put into 'thinking' is the same intention you put into being present. Why be present? Practice being present awhile and the benefits will reveal themselves. Presence can not enter when Egoic mind is in control. We won't shift to A NEW EARTH through thinking, the only entree is through experiencing.

Signature Frequency

With the holidays almost here again there will be lots of social occasions with good food and wine and will be a good opportunity to people watch, remain detached and play with the energy. I've mentioned Atlantean signature frequencies emitted by different locations i.e. Indian mounds but wonder how many are aware of their own signature frequency? We also carry our own frequency unique to us that others perceive. Most don't think of it as that but can certainly relate to the first impression we sense when we meet new people. How many times have we heard someone say "I knew they were a bum the instant I saw them"? We are making mental translations of our impression of their energy field vis a vis reading their frequency. What are we putting out there? It's what you really are, not what you want others to think. Have fun with the coming holidays at Grandma's, be smart, be sharp, be aware and shield your elan vital.


Browsing the Internet, TV, networking and doing research I have really been amazed at the prevailing mass mindset. Apparently they have no clue they create their own reality or have any power. People are brainwashed by television, media, religion and our educational system that they have no choice whatsoever in their life. If someone takes charge of their reality they are viewed with suspicion so keep a low profile. The ego-driven herd mentality denotes a lack of responsibility "I can't help it" attitude. and misery loves company. You may find instead of helping you may be a handy stepping stone for the loser's ego and beware too of the pseudo 'light workers', if you've developed your intuition then you know the phoneys and users. Drop them and move on, they are at their comfort level. Leave them their mass consciousness and follow your own path. You can contribute behind the scenes with your radiance to uplift those who seek to change and crack the hard shell of indoctrination. This allows others to grow at their own pace, their own time, not ours.