''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Past Life Regression

Even though I've had some spontaneous past life recalls, I prefer to think of it as 'lives I have known' rather than lives I have lived. Whether for real or not, doing regression therapy can bring relief to what ails us. Reliving resisted experiences releases the stuck energy often improving our health, mental or physical. Today we have many methods to address this and they all work according to the degree the charged particles deflate, meaning to the degree we willingly experience the emotion. Think of emotion as the sticky glue keeping you stuck. While we usually blame a previous self for our problems, exploring past lives could enable some useful abilities too. I have found these apply in a broad general way as well as specifically. For example a past life as a busy mistress of a plantation with 10 children of her own could today be a great business manager. A street urchin living by their wits in medieval England could be today's late night talk show host. If you are one of those people that none of the regression therapies access recall then no problem, just make one up. Just imagine a 'past life' vignette that suits your issue today and pretend to feel the emotion of it until it 'clicks' and you feel a somatic shift. You'll be all better for it.


Lately friends have been sending me forwards on 2012 and every time I turn on  the television it seems like they're another new 2012 doomsday show. It is so easy to get hypnotized into all the hype and brainwashed into gloom and doom and miss the point. These shows portray us as hopeless victims of war and disaster and maybe humanity needs these sharp reality checks to remind us to look for solutions. The earth changes are the outer result of inner change so what part don't we understand? We are shaking off the old Pisces paradigm and becoming fully responsible. Be grateful that all the 2012 spin going on is reflecting our transformation from victim to co-creator in the Age of Aquarius. The earth changes are a result not a cause. In our movie these can mellow out harming no one. We have the opportunity to personally manage our own reality that will be reflected collectively. Start now by creating you have everything you need and you and your family are safe. Let go of fear and get grounded by putting your attention on your belly and FEEL your power...it's your movie.


After writing the post about dreams I've been thinking more about the nature of personal reality. The first time I crossed the English Channel and saw the white cliffs of Dover I was overwhelmed with the emotion of coming home and began to cry. I don't know why I felt that way but I did. I assumed it was because of a past life memory but it didn't have the feel of one. Then a couple of years later while taking a workshop they had us see if we recognized our main archetype and I was surprised to discover mine was a writer rather than the expected goddess, saint etc. My impression was the writer was in a cottage in  England and reminded me of the emotion I felt when I saw the white cliffs of Dover. I don't know that I properly completed the exercise since the goal was to free oneself from archetypal influence but apparently I didn't because I have had several glimpses of that same experience. The jury is still out on what it all means.

The Art of Invisibility

I think we've all had moments when we wished we were invisible, to avoid embarrassing situations or potential harm. Several years ago I realized how desirable this skill would be during the coming times and when my black belt son opened a Karate School it reminded me of Ninja skills. Their art of concealment, stealth and invisibility all felt familiar and I suspected that the past life memory of a female Japanese warrior was kunoichi, female Ninja. I understood that reality is very plastic, very fluid and had some comprehension of how the mind and frequencies work. I experimented how to mentally keep a low profile and maintain a zen non aggressive not there aura. At work I had many opportunities to morph into a non-entity profile, working in a man's field provided plenty of practice. Since retirement I'm refining expanding the light net to dissolving the particles that includes home and car. Don't misunderstand, I am not saying I disappear yet in a way I do, sales clerks ignore me, people bump me in line, cars run through stop signs like I'm not even there, twice lately I narrowly missed getting nailed by grocery carts and in general I go unnoticed. When I am noticed I'm really not, I sense it's superficial robotic response reminding me I'm in Ninja mode. I find Practicing Presence is very zen Ninja aligned, when present, with the ego is at rest, its easy to fade into the woodwork.

Addicted To Chocolate

I had a funny experience recently, in reference to this site someone asked was I a 'compulsive psychic'? I don't think so but will admit to an attraction to chocolate.  I find it amusing when people assume anyone with metaphysical bent is freaky obsessed so although  there's always the oddball lunatic fringe please don't lump us all together. I'm not compelled to do anything and don't assume this interest excludes everything else. I'm a busy homemaker and Grandma that you might see at Home Depot shopping for a decorating project, 4wheeling the Old Military Road, at the flea market, Branson show or a Powwow. A prerequisite to my 'mission' is left brain practicality equals right brain intuition, the communication bridge that requires both feet on the ground to work. No space cadets allowed.