''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Years ago while on a Christmas holiday tour to England I took advantage of an unexpected free day for a side tour to Stonehenge. I was so excited to be there, wondering what motivated the builders and enabled them to move the stones etc? I knew about ley line's and  that the surrounding area apparently had a special vibration as crop circles frequently appeared and according to our guide, UFO's as well. I kept away from the other visitors trying to intuitively feel it, walking all around for the full experience but was disappointed that I really didn't sense anything-so much for all the hype. Though sunny, it was a cold windy day and after totally exploring the entire monument for an hour or so I froze out and headed back to the gift shop. I purchased a few souvenirs and stepped outside for a cigarette but it was so cold I retreated to the bus alone. When I sat down and closed my eyes I was amazed to suddenly sense a buzz-as though someone pushed a button turning on this low electrical-like buzzy inner sound--what the h...? I had the impression it was an activation...I realized the 'sacred machine' created by the stone henge emitted a signature frequency that activated ages old Atlantean temple training. I think many sacred sites hold frequencies that activate some of us returning Atlanteans per our individual programs and within months I was following the yellow brick road re Mission. I have never been back to Stonehenge but the buzz remains.

Co-Creative Science

Years ago my gifted  sister,  Sissy,  held an open house/salon every Sunday at her home out on the farm for her many friends and followers from the city. One Sunday I chatted briefly with someone and the next Sunday they surprised me with a book on the White Brotherhood.. I never even caught their name and don't have the book anymore but I grasped the concept of a group of highly evolved beings willing to work with us and just went for it. Immediately I began to try to direct the energy in my reality, enabled by this group. I used them for everything that came up in life, I sent them to fight my battles for me, help with money, clean up my many mistakes while they were doing all that they taught me a lot about frequencies.  I always sensed their assistance behind the scenes and remained alert for their input, refining my intuitive ability. This became the foundation I had already built when I discovered Machelle Small-Wright's "Co-Creative Science" body of work and established my first Working with Nature soilless garden and MAP team that always contain a White Brotherhood team. After all those years of winging it I finally found a format that I have used ever since. Later I realized Angels are in perfect alignment with Co-Creative Science and work separately and sometimes together. The Angels 'accomplish where unto they are sent' and the Co-Creative Science teams are for personal use to manifest or handle whatever one needs or wishes to create by working directly with Nature Intelligence, the architectural Deva's/builders.