''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Past Life Paradigm

I like to think of past lives as 'lives I have known'....I've done past life regression since my twenties and find it a useful way to address present issues. My own spontaneous recalls may surprise but the vignettes definitely align with whatever I'm 'suffering'. The first time I ever read about the Titanic I knew I was an 3rd class immigrant below deck and my first prerequisite years later for my one and only cruise was a 1st class stateroom, even so it was a big disaster, I got sick on the plane to Miami and would have cancelled out except had to see the Mayan Atlantean ruins, which I managed in spite of being inexplicably ill. I have known since I was a child not to wear necklaces because it triggers guillotine memories of my 'French Court' experience, where I was a hairdresser at Versailles judged guilty by association and paid for it. I danced at Moulin Rouge, was a Temple trained priest/frequency keeper in the last days of Atlantis, a Confederate soldier who fought at Shiloh - just one of several military experiences including a righteous Templar Crusader and a female Japanese warrior, I was a Cathar nun  during the Inquisition, a gem trader at Canyon de Chelly when it was Atlantean colony, and a saloon girl in Santa Fe, just to mention a few. None of these were grand, just a bit player/worker bee but all were opportunities to learn about life. Some I can't bear to explore, but I know they all contribute to the person I am today and when karmic pin pricks/ sword thrusts popup, point in the direction that needs release. These tableau vivants give us the space where we can willingly experience what we otherwise can't bear to remember.


I read it was the French who first noticed UFO activity near ley lines. Since ley lines are on electromagnetic earth energy grids then maybe they tap them for fuel somehow? Or the veil is thinner there so we are able to see them more easily? The ley line I grew up on seems to be a UFO hotspot. Several neighbors had sightings which confirms my own childhood memory. One family driving home from a movie one night came on one parked on the road. Another couple with their grandson visiting saw lights and looked out and watched one hovering over their corral. Then there was a daylight sighting by multiple members of one family that stood in their yard and watched a large craft stationary in the sky. My mother had a 5am sighting of a lighted craft hovering over an Indian mound a mile away. Though they were all frightened none of these people had any memory they were abducted, as far as they recall the craft just moved away after awhile. I find it interesting this happened on a 5 mile stretch of farm to market road that runs between Indian mounds and sense the mounds are still emitting their Atlantean frequency signature that is usable?


Year ago while living in the Hot Springs, Arkansas crystal vortex, my husband built me a pyramid. It's built to scale, about 18". I had read about pyramid energy and was curious. I put it on the dresser in my bedroom and that night experienced I was asleep in my upstairs bedroom in house where I grew up, and awoke knowing 'they' were on the stairs landing. There was several of them, typical greys wearing shiny  royal blue jumpsuits with a gold lightning bolt Raku logo on the heart and wrist area. The leader compelled me to stare deeply into his eyes that  held the entire wisdom of the Universe...and I seemed to comprehend crossing dimensions somehow. The rest of the night  I slept lightly, aware they were there and knew I was being downloaded/programmed although I couldn't recall the specific details by the time I got up the next morning.


Years ago I hosted a group of friends every Thursday afternoon. We would all gather in a circle and after a quiet moment that set the 'tone' we would go around the table, taking turns, each one speaking their thankfulness, their need, their goal, their problem, whatever was on their heart, while the rest of us held the space for them, sending them support, approval, ATTENTION in our own way without any need for comment or discussion, just quiet acceptance. If they chose to not speak or could not bear to speak it was all the same. I think somehow we knew that what one experienced we all did and we simply allowed it to be. Once finished we sit quietly for awhile, lighthearted even as tears dried and then with a lot of laughter, we usually ended our meetin' with a glass of wine and tarot readings by an intuitive soulsista. A few times in my travels I had other blessing circles, each time, each area, each energy was different yet when a group of us gathered I know we benefited each other with our positive healing intent, taking the time to care enough to be there for each other. Words can get in our way, be misinterpreted, but intense heartfelt feeling allows the space for Spirit where words cannot.


When it came to rituals I was just ignorant. I didn't get it at all. I thought that was superstitious nonsense and didn't realize I was already doing a lot of traditional 'ritual's' such as birthday cakes, Christmas presents, Easter dress, Thanksgiving turkey, New Years toast, the list is endless. These pace our lives, marking our progress. These rites of passage enhance our sense of identity, our sense of belonging, our place in our 'tribe' and in the greater world. Rituals celebrate new beginnings, progress and completion, providing a sense of stability in a changing reality. How many times have you heard someone say they needed closure? Perhaps we need to revive the old ways or create new ones  that ground us and practice them with intention.