''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


The first time I ever visited Hot Springs, Arkansas as a child, I took one look and wanted to live there. I knew nothing about crystals or electromagnetic frequencies or any of that but I felt the magnetic attraction, aside from the obvious scenic beauty. Hot Springs was still a mob town back then, with wide open casinos. By the time I moved there the gangsters were gone and the casinos morphed into mild supper clubs. Driving into the area from Little Rock triggers a kind of euphoria from the unique vibrations forming the vortex from the crystal beds and healing waters of the hot springs. Many visionaries state that this area, from Magnet Cove to Mena, was once an Atlantean colony to access the crystal beds because of the technology they used and that as we near 2012 the Arkansas Stargates are opening heralding the new age of Aquarius. Many lightworkers are being called and relocating there to assist in this transition. While living in the vortex area I experienced a initiatory download escalating my  reawakening as an Atlantean frequency keeper that would be enhanced more fully at Stonehenge and living on the Eagle Ley line.

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