''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Arkansas Eureka Springs Stargate Portal

I've already shared some info about the 'Hot Springs' crystal area stargate and wanted to remind you of another important area according to Tyberonn, www.earth-keeper.com,  "Arkansas: Emerging Crystal Portal". Within a 70mile radius of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is the upper area of the vortex, bringing in the hydro energies. If you ever visited this beautiful country then you were exposed to the benevolent energies of this sacred land, but beware that some spots may require clearing. The old spa town of Eureka Springs is a blossoming spiritual center, where many earthkeepers and lightworkers relocated. I personally perceived this call back in the 1980's and later while visiting Branson/Hollister and Table Rock Lake had an intense personal experience where I was lovingly embraced and comforted by the Gaia/Earth Great Mother frequency, exactly what I needed at the time.

Freewill or Predestination

Mother always said we could be whatever we wanted to be. I believed her and through determination and grit, went for my goals. I read New Thought books and manifested a lot of what I wanted, bigtime ego stuff. I seriously took myself seriously. I thought I was really in charge. I seemed to have a lot of control over some things but maybe others just happened. As someone said, "The freewillers and predestinationers are tied in the third quarter". Later on I discovered my beliefs created my reality (hey I had proof, didn't I believe what Mama said?) and I refined this to where I CHOSE beliefs aligned with what I wished to experience-wow, how fun is this--Master of the Game! But somewhere along the way I began to suspect this was preprogramed.......I had an impression that rather than me so selectively choosing--that instead I was chosen-Holy Smoke! As my life unfolded I thought I made the choices but looking back in the rearview mirror I saw a pattern that led me Down the Yellow Brick Road to here. Holographic Universe? So much for free will.


My dad was a healer and dowser who remained close to the land intuitively sensing its messages. He didn't speak of these things but following in his footsteps was a discipline/training. I grew up in the New Madrid earthquake vortex, on a powerful ley line of energy that ran down the Indian mounds that turned me on to Dragon lines and I understood a past life recall where I was an Atlantean Temple trained 'techie' priest/frequency holder flying over Arizona's red rocks, when it was an Atlantean colony. My job was something like an geophysics engineer intuitively monitoring the electromagnetic grid there. So later when life happened it was a privilege to live on the Eagle ley line that runs from Sedona through Mt. Shasta up to Alaska. While living in the Mt. Shasta vortex area I begin to perceive the behind the scenes training agenda going on and when the opportunity came willingly agreed to move to Alaska, the end of the line, the Alaska vortex, for 2-3yrs I assumed. But my team had other plans and near the end of the summer they told me I would 'fly the Eagle south'. I had no plans to leave Alaska & what did that mean anyway? But due to the old fan trick a couple of weeks later I was at the airport heading back to the lower 48. When I changed planes in Anchorage I got sick and slept most of the long flight, awakening as the plane began its descent into Phoenix. As I looked out the window ages old Temple training skills kicked in and I recognized the Sedona Vortex/Eagle ley line below, stirring deep intense emotions that moved me to tears. I had flown the Eagle south.

The Power of Metaphors

OK, so we have a built-in magic genie that creates reality from  our words and thoughts. But what about those negative metaphors we use all the time? Most of us don't realize we could be taken literally when we say "Gimme a break" (broken bones), "Heartbroken" (heart trouble) "Low man on the totem pole" (taken for granted/coming last) etc. Start listening to what you say and start saying what you mean.


The first time I ever visited Hot Springs, Arkansas as a child, I took one look and wanted to live there. I knew nothing about crystals or electromagnetic frequencies or any of that but I felt the magnetic attraction, aside from the obvious scenic beauty. Hot Springs was still a mob town back then, with wide open casinos. By the time I moved there the gangsters were gone and the casinos morphed into mild supper clubs. Driving into the area from Little Rock triggers a kind of euphoria from the unique vibrations forming the vortex from the crystal beds and healing waters of the hot springs. Many visionaries state that this area, from Magnet Cove to Mena, was once an Atlantean colony to access the crystal beds because of the technology they used and that as we near 2012 the Arkansas Stargates are opening heralding the new age of Aquarius. Many lightworkers are being called and relocating there to assist in this transition. While living in the vortex area I experienced a initiatory download escalating my  reawakening as an Atlantean frequency keeper that would be enhanced more fully at Stonehenge and living on the Eagle Ley line.