''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

New Madrid Earthquake Fault

The headline on the front page of our local paper yesterday said "N.M. Fault Rumbling Again".  The New Madrid fault has graced us with four small quakes the last few days, the largest was 3.1 and felt in parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.  Usually we only have an earthquake large enough to be felt about once a month but 2.0 and smaller happen daily.  The experts say "it's  the most active in the United States, a strange little hot spot."  This is certainly an opportunity to balance, hold and maintain frequencies; dispersing the energy harmlessly while acquiescing to the Earth God's as they move the tectonic plates. It's a wake up call to awaken the lightbody and raise our vibrations.  The outer changes merely symbolize the inner change as we morph into the Age of Aquarius.  Living here in the New Madrid vortex with it's yang energy is a work in progress to keep intention for gentle change as we move through these times.

California Dreaming

One of the benefits of being single and unattached is you are free to make changes so when I had an opportunity to move to California I jumped at it, thrilled the destination was near Mt. Shasta. I would finally have the opportunity to experience the famous vortex. Once in California I rented an apartment and imagine my surprise when I opened the blinds and saw Mt. Shasta out my living room window! I knew I was in the right place and soon I met the right people to expand my repertoire. Through them I finally got around to exploring my Native American heritage and that was just one aspect of living in the Shasta vortex. I tried to be open and receive all the information I could and began to comprehend the implications and nuances of the 2012 shift I'd overlooked even though I had been on a spiritual quest my entire adult life. Relative to the mission the vortex revealed many secrets to me and I'm grateful. Should you have an opportunity to spend time at Mt. Shasta or anywhere on the Eagle ley line, Sedona to Fairbanks, hold on to your hat and go for it, it may not be easy but it's worth it.

Lake Vortex

After writing about 'broadcasts' I was reminded of others I experienced. Years ago we bought a house in the woods on a spring fed lake that had a vortex with it's own frequency signature. The small lake fit the bowl dish receiver shape I mentioned recently and since we were too far out in the woods for Cable, we had installed a big satellite dish receiver popular back in those days. Maybe those two things enhanced the 'broadcasts'? For many years I had wondered where would be a good location re coming earth changes to relocate and one day out of the blue heard the message, "Move to the Smokies". My instant impression was that this message came from Gaia the Earth Goddess/Mother calling those to participate in the spiritual reawakening of the great Smoky Mountains, part of coming earth changes. Later when I began to hear about the Asheville area becoming a New Age mecca I assumed a lot of other people received the same message I did and acted on it. Another time in the breakfast room, for no particular reason since I didn't have it on my mind, I heard the message to "Go to Sedona for awhile", which I knew meant just a visit, important to my 'mission'. Again, this was around the time info  on the Sedona vortexes came out but before everyone moved to Sedona, so know others probably received the same message and acted on it. The lake vortex was very powerful and spooky in a way, although I loved it there I was always aware of the edge to the energy. I was gone almost 15 years and when I returned one of the first things I noticed was the vortex had mellowed...or had I? I was moved from Florida to Alaska, coast to coast as part of my mission working with Nature Intelligence reactivating ages old Temple training and had many occasions to wish I had heeded the messages.   I did visit both message locations as life happened and perhaps will return in the future?


Thinking how plants like Mozart reminded me of all I've learned from plants, for many years I couldn't grow them no manner what I did. Mother and Sissy both had 'green thumbs' but I couldn't grow anything. Even my young son a had a plant in his room that seemed to thrive but I just didn't have the knack. After returning home once to find a new hanging basket on the floor as though the poor plant jumped I used to say it wasn't just that my houseplants just died, they committed suicide! So one day I asked Sissy what the secret was to growing plants. She thought a few moments and then answered "It's........." and held up her hand rubbing fingers and her thumb together, meaning 'something something' - but I got it! Somehow I knew it was the same frequency shift ability.. and after that my plants thrived, like, the Majesty Palm that is about 20 years old and still beautiful. When I bought it I put in the solarium where I already had several tall ficus plants that liked to listen to Mozart a couple of hours a day. Later while passing by the solarium the palm shouted the telepathic message to me "GET ME OUT OF HERE WITH THESE FICUS TREES!" I stopped in my tracks, stunned by the emphatic message! I immediately found a corner in the dining room for it and it lived there happily all those years. It's the only floor plant I moved to The Cottage where it's the star of the greatroom, just the way it likes it. Years ago when I got a divorce I couldn't move the plants with me but I did take a few moments and explain to them that I was very sorry they couldn't go and that they would be taken care of. I was gone for many years and when i returned I sensed the palm was not about to give me the time of day. The ficus weren't that much into me anyway so they were indifferent but the palm was of a higher intelligence obviously by its ability to communicate and wasn't about to let me forget I had my nerve. It's been over four years now and the palm has been somewhat pacified since it got to move to The Cottage but has never warmed back up to me. Of course, I know now what the real game is. It's true that we can communicate with plants and vice versa but the bigger picture is Nature Intelligence, the  intelligence behind the scenes. That is the main skill, to open and maintain the communication frequency with Nature Intelligence, the palm, the plants are interactive bridges or links, vital to our survival as earth changes loom  on the horizon. How's your plant speak lately?

Reality Broadcast

Because of the portal in the duplex apartment I bought an old Victorian and moved as quick as possible. The vibrations were good and I loved it there. It was while living there I became aware of what I called the Christmas cloud. I noticed around Thanksgiving the perception of what I can only describe as a PINK cloud of Christmas Season rolled into my awareness. It seemed to be a background reality, backdrop kind of thing for the season. The 'cloud' contained the entire repertoire we associate with the stereotypical Christmas holiday. This signaled the beginning of my perception of broadcasts sent from where I don't know. Soon after moving in I slipped as I stepped into the bathtub and as I caught myself I simultaneously perceived it was like another 'cloud' sent out called BREAK A LEG and instantly as I caught the towel bar I shot back "No! I have to make a living!". I managed to catch myself without serious harm. It really made an impression, it was so weird. A few days later Sissy and her friend stopped by to say "Hey" in a borrowed truck on their way to pickup something. An hour or so later I got a phone call that Sissy had fallen off the tailgate of the truck and broken her leg! I intuitively knew instantly it was due to the 'broadcast'...my impression was these were sent from 'somewhere' at random to whomever might pickup on the reality 'package'. A variation of this was a few years later I created the time to finally write and asked for a bestseller a la Robert Lewis Stevenson. He would ask his Brownie helpers for a good and thrilling prosperous book and awake the next day with the book. So on that premise I received the book, I was crossing the threshold from my sun porch into the house and it was like the entire book was shot to me all in one 'package'...which I wrote as fast as I could but had a lot of delays, bought a new house and moved, was traveling a lot etc. and didn't realize there was a Sell By Date. While on a trip I went in a popular bookstore and noticed a kiosk of a top authors new book, with an almost identical title to mine. I grabbed one and was dismayed to read the outline on the jacket that she got my book! Apparently she grabbed it from the ethers and had another bestseller. I doubt if she saw it as being broadcast but I know it was. These are just a few experiences I had back then on that theme. It was another lesson on the Nature of Reality. Who or what is sending these reality bites? Is is a big computer up there generating these default vignettes to the masses? Does location manner? I wonder because of Sissy picking up the 'broken leg' at my house; when I refused it did it just wait for another victim? I know this sounds like an entity and might be an aspect of the experience, maybe they just ride the wave frequency but the focus was on broadcast. Did I agree to this? Is the "Matrix" for real? Are we just 'lab rats?" If we are the receivers then who are the transmitters?


Years ago I lived in an apartment that was a electromagnetic portal, though I didn't know that term then. One day I sat down on the side of the bed to read something and looked up to see a woman standing in the doorway. She had on a long blue dress and was as shocked to see me as I was to see her. She didn't come through clearly, it was staticky like bad TV reception, she was visible a few moments then she disappeared. I knew she came via a frequency, accidentally from the past, another dimension. Another time I awoke being choked by an astral entity, somehow it had crossed over and was able to physically attack me. I learned later an old man had been the previous tenant and had died of a heart attack there, my impression was he wanted my chi, my life force. so he could live. My *friend performed a ritual clearing removing his energy from the apartment and he never bothered me again. But I was aware of him outside in the backyard, angry at being blocked from his old home, or from the new occupant? It was a duplex and the widow next door held frequent seances trying to contact her husband who had been killed in a car accident down at the corner intersection...spooky. Did she activate the portal with her intention? I believe the portal was electrical, that's why the woman was staticky fuzzy. Now I realize they are all technological/electrical - the earth grids, ley lines, sacred ground, temples, even our own bodies are 'electric' energy. These are all variations on the same theme that exhibit qualities of an electric Universe, doorways, portals, Stargates that reveal a lot about the nature of reality.
*friend: As my friend performed the clearing ritual, it activated an ancient memory for her as a goddess/priestess, where she was seated on a throne wearing a mask of Sekhment.  Perhaps inspired also by the thronelike chair in my apartment where she was sitting?


It's been said we live in an electric Universe; scientists theorize about plasma, electromagnetic fields, sun and even the human aura. That's way over my layman's head but from ages old Temple training I understand the concept of the electromagnetic Force popularized in Star Wars that forms reality. This electromagnetic frequency field connects and powers everything. I was thinking about the implications of those people who talk to 'the gods/dess', apparently hardwired somehow like a wireless receiver/transmitter where they don't need devices, as though talking to 'god' WITH a device isn't incredible enough! As I've mentioned before, the Ark of the Covenant, altars, temples and the human brain share an interactive frequency. Similar in a way to how i receive past lives vignettes. Whether triggered accidentally or intentionally they are transmitted and I 'receive' via an electromagnetic frequency. Some come through sharp and clear like a color movie, others come through mentally and some as impressions, without words or as screenshots. Using the recording analogy it occurred to me that it isn't metaphoric - it's literal. Some are movie quality, some are radio and some come condensed in a thought ball all at once, like intuition that comes like a shot vs telepathy that floats in. I think it's fair to say our reality is an electrical recording and everyone and everything is connected via the electromagnetic field vis a vis The Matrix. Makes sense to me that ones with the highest technology control the rest. Nicola Tesla where are you?


After writing Creating Sanctuary I realized there was more to altars and consecrated space.  I also wrote about how my altar 'speaks' to me, once  after adding lapis stones it sent me a big swoosh of energy and usually hits me with a energy greeting in the mornings. And then there's how quickly our needs and requests are met when placed on the altar. How does that work? Individual items appear inanimate but when combined and consecrated on our altar the particles charge emit a frequency.  In  reading 5750-1 Edgar Cayce refers to how they were able to Cleanse the body on the altar stones using a tech via ANGELS OF LIGHT. So this morning I was thinking about all this and what it might mean. It reminded me of The Ark of the Covenant that Moses received information from God. Suddenly I realized the standing stones (Stonehenge?), the altars, Moses talking box all have in common is they are communication devices! I had been assuming that my altar interaction was symbolic but I was missing the point. The charged particles tapped a frequency, a kind of two way radio . I have no idea how it works. No wonder mankind has sought the Ark of the Covenant! Maybe something to do with Arkansas crystals on my altar created a similar radio device to connect to the gods? Wikipedia says: "A crystal radio receiver, also called a crystal set, is a very simple radio receiver, popular in the early days of radio. It needs no battery or power source and runs on the power received from radio waves by a long outdoor wire antenna" -- I don't have an outdoor antenna but there is a satellite dish receiver outside on the roof above my altar -are we are hardwired to tune into the 'god' channel? This expands my comprehension of priests at the 'altar' and 'going' to the altar and praying at the altar and changes my opinion of those people I know that talk to 'God'. I mean they claim to REALLY talk to 'God', in real time interactive two way conversations. They don't wear crystals or have an Ark and don't require to be near an altar. Apparently they have advanced where they raised their vibrations and are tuned into that frequency vis a vis left right brain sync so don't need a 'device'. I am awestruck with quiet amazement.


If you're like me you created your home temple space and have a dedicated altar where you connect to goddess,  what is sacred to you. Lately I have been expanding on that idea, thinking in terms of home sanctuary, the concept of creating a dedicated sacred space area of retreat. For me it's my study, my totally private haven that others seldom intrude. Most of us have a area of our own, nowadays it's our computer desk, niche, office where we spend a lot of our time. Creating a sanctuary there can be our own sacred space even if it's a corner of a room that we share with others or we can ordain the entire home as sacred space, and include the yard and garden. When we designate these areas it activates a higher frequency level that enhances our peace and creativity. You might consider your space as an island of safety and security as well, beyond which the outside world may enter only if invited. How far you want to take the sanctuary is up to you. It can be your time machine, your portal, your Stargate, your alternate Universe, whatever you decide. It can be your magical domain where you cast your wand working wonders in your world. Whatever your retreat represents to you, bless the space, light a candle, attune to your idea of Sanctuary and it will mirror back to you.

2012 and The Earth Mother

I've been wondering if  practicing Presence may also trigger DMT? All higher teachings focus on being present so it's not a stretch to suppose there is a DMT chemical reaction? Is "Presence" the Earth Mother consciousness or the path to it? Having met some of the criteria ie.. abduction, remote viewer, out of the body trainee, I find it interesting DMT contact with the Earth Mother is similar to what I experience spontaneously working with Nature Intelligence. Is it the same frequency? What about those who having refined Presence are living in 'A New Earth" already, ..did DMT allow them to step across the dimensional line? They are so far advanced most of us aren't even aware of them and vice versa. Same 'reality' different levels? Did they access their 'ascension' via DMT? Will the rare celestial 2012 alignment magnetic pole shift activate the Third Eye pineal gland raising our vibrations and trigger cosmic consciousness in some of us?


Researchers have recognized the frequency of UFO sightings on ley lines, pardon the pun...Actually some may understand it is a frequency associated with the ley line as well as it happens 'often'. I read UFO buffs in France recognized this phenomenon first and some say the crafts follow the electronic earth grids that act as maps and also energize the ships. I think the ley lines have stargate portals that allow the craft access points from other dimensions. I believe these stargates remain active from the days of Atlantis. The Mississippi Valley area here is full of Indian Mounds built when this area was an Atlantean colony. In Atlantis they often received visitors from the stars and interacted with them. Since my own childhood abduction was on an Indian Mound I believe they materialized through an old stargate still operable. I wonder if I was randomly selected because they found me playing alone on the mound or if it was because of my old Temple Training? Was the 'abduction' an activation so i would remember my Earthkeeper mission when the time was right? I believe the mounds elongated ridge shape indicated it was a Temple Mound & the stargates were housed on these.  Of course I know all sightings aren't in Indian Mound country so there are different kinds of portals. I believe the visitors cross dimensions rather than space travel or with their technology it's a combination. I believe some may be friendly and wish to assist us; some come for our resources and to mess with us as well, creating hybrids for their own agenda. Since all kinds of people have sightings I think in theory anyone can see them but mass consciousness remains in denial so maybe a certain sensitivity is needed or as one sage said, "Just look up"!

Ley Line Musings

A couple of years ago I moved to a new house on a east-west ley line here in the Aux Arcs (French Anglicized as Ozarks) foothills that runs a straight track from Cane Creek to Black River. It's interesting exploring the various energies in this historic area. Our road is the path of least resistance through the forested hilly terrain, that connected up with the the old Military Road/Natchitoches Trail from Fredricktown into Arkansas. There's a lot of texture to the frequency here, it's filled with Indian mounds still emitting Atlantean energy signature, Hernando de Soto passed through here on his way to Valley of the Vapors, Hot Springs Arkansas on his 16th century expedition and there were many Civil War skirmishes fought all over our area, a few miles south thousands of Confederate Troops camped and trained at Pittman's Ferry and launched raids in Missouri from that point under the command of General Sterling Price.  The Cherokee infamous Trail of Tears march camped at Keener Springs and it was used as a hospital during the Civil War Battle of Pilot Knob, that was fought all the way down south of Greenville across Black River near the old Military Road ford. A few miles to the east is famous Indian Ford on the St. Francis River, see it from a small plane if you can and of course it's in the New Madrid earthquake fault vortex. My maternal English/Cherokee great great grandparents was among the first settlers here before the Civil War so perhaps my Nature Intelligence mission wasn't so much chosen as I was born into it. I am still discovering the nuances of this ley line, filtering out the buzz of negative energy, using ages old Temple Training skills and abilities that require being grounded and present holding the frequency. With an Angelpod on the pond in my backyard it's fair to say this is a extremely energetically active ley line area. The historic imprint definitely prevails and it's a privilege to be here and participate as this beautiful planet evolves into the age of Aquarius.


Some of you may remember when it was popular when you met new people.to say "What's your sign"...it was a leftover from the experiential 60's but has faded now that it's impolite to get too personal. But on that same theme, "What's your flower?" Astrology was and is interesting but flowers are an overlooked folk medicine that can rescue us from what ails us. A lot of you may know the story about the Tibetan refugee in Seattle who had cancer and healed himself by sitting 'downwind from flowers', an old Tibetan folk therapy. The first time I read his story it deeply touched me...that Nature Intelligence had given us such a simple way to heal ourselves. It totally changed how I see flowers. I always appreciated their beauty but now I sense their living vitality, their aura of energy they exude. If you don't have flowers where you live but know your flower then you could begin working with that. Find a picture, buy the essence, oils, buy a scented candle, perfume, incense, sachets, creams, pillow and even cook with it should it be edible. You can wear the flower color and paint your room or private space or even have fake flowers-all that and more can connect you and dedicates your intent. If you get into it (intuit) enough you may begin to work with the Deva of your flower as well. Perhaps you have your flower as a house plant or it grows in your garden? If so then you may already be benefiting from the healing power. My flower is Lavender. What's yours?

Learning How To Be Present

Ever since Oprah had Eckhart Tolle on her show, there has been a lot of talk about being present. The idea is to be present in our bodies quietly experiencing. Reading and speaking with others I realized that there is still misunderstanding about just what experiencing is. One person told me they were always present but actually they are rarely present unless their body whacks them with an illness into the present...momentarily. They think experiencing is feeling EMOTION and they are the ultimate drama queen. NOT. The idea of being present and experiencing as a way to stop the mechanical mind is an old one, Tolle's focus is on being present as well as many other authors out there but here's my 2cents worth again. Being present experiencing is when you are fully present right now in your body without thought, judgement, expectation, resistance, ideas, hurt, blame, memories, depression etc. Whatever qualities you might be feeling you continue to experience without judgement. You merely observe. You are here right now. An old friend told me a trick way back in the 1960's. She said notice the outlines. It works. Look at the room where you are and notice the outline of the furniture, the door, the window, your hand etc. This stops the monkey mind immediately. Yes, it starts again but with practice we can retrain ourself to be present in quiet awareness without the intrusive mind. Even when we notice the mind in the background it is non-interfering. OR as Tolle said, and I paraphrase, put your attention on your feet; you can't think if you have your attention on your feet. There are many ways to stop the mind and begin experiencing. If you are one of those "I think therefore I am" people then make it work for you. All the dedication you put into 'thinking' is the same intention you put into being present. Why be present? Practice being present awhile and the benefits will reveal themselves. Presence can not enter when Egoic mind is in control. We won't shift to A NEW EARTH through thinking, the only entree is through experiencing.

Signature Frequency

With the holidays almost here again there will be lots of social occasions with good food and wine and will be a good opportunity to people watch, remain detached and play with the energy. I've mentioned Atlantean signature frequencies emitted by different locations i.e. Indian mounds but wonder how many are aware of their own signature frequency? We also carry our own frequency unique to us that others perceive. Most don't think of it as that but can certainly relate to the first impression we sense when we meet new people. How many times have we heard someone say "I knew they were a bum the instant I saw them"? We are making mental translations of our impression of their energy field vis a vis reading their frequency. What are we putting out there? It's what you really are, not what you want others to think. Have fun with the coming holidays at Grandma's, be smart, be sharp, be aware and shield your elan vital.


Browsing the Internet, TV, networking and doing research I have really been amazed at the prevailing mass mindset. Apparently they have no clue they create their own reality or have any power. People are brainwashed by television, media, religion and our educational system that they have no choice whatsoever in their life. If someone takes charge of their reality they are viewed with suspicion so keep a low profile. The ego-driven herd mentality denotes a lack of responsibility "I can't help it" attitude. and misery loves company. You may find instead of helping you may be a handy stepping stone for the loser's ego and beware too of the pseudo 'light workers', if you've developed your intuition then you know the phoneys and users. Drop them and move on, they are at their comfort level. Leave them their mass consciousness and follow your own path. You can contribute behind the scenes with your radiance to uplift those who seek to change and crack the hard shell of indoctrination. This allows others to grow at their own pace, their own time, not ours.

Past Life Regression

Even though I've had some spontaneous past life recalls, I prefer to think of it as 'lives I have known' rather than lives I have lived. Whether for real or not, doing regression therapy can bring relief to what ails us. Reliving resisted experiences releases the stuck energy often improving our health, mental or physical. Today we have many methods to address this and they all work according to the degree the charged particles deflate, meaning to the degree we willingly experience the emotion. Think of emotion as the sticky glue keeping you stuck. While we usually blame a previous self for our problems, exploring past lives could enable some useful abilities too. I have found these apply in a broad general way as well as specifically. For example a past life as a busy mistress of a plantation with 10 children of her own could today be a great business manager. A street urchin living by their wits in medieval England could be today's late night talk show host. If you are one of those people that none of the regression therapies access recall then no problem, just make one up. Just imagine a 'past life' vignette that suits your issue today and pretend to feel the emotion of it until it 'clicks' and you feel a somatic shift. You'll be all better for it.


Lately friends have been sending me forwards on 2012 and every time I turn on  the television it seems like they're another new 2012 doomsday show. It is so easy to get hypnotized into all the hype and brainwashed into gloom and doom and miss the point. These shows portray us as hopeless victims of war and disaster and maybe humanity needs these sharp reality checks to remind us to look for solutions. The earth changes are the outer result of inner change so what part don't we understand? We are shaking off the old Pisces paradigm and becoming fully responsible. Be grateful that all the 2012 spin going on is reflecting our transformation from victim to co-creator in the Age of Aquarius. The earth changes are a result not a cause. In our movie these can mellow out harming no one. We have the opportunity to personally manage our own reality that will be reflected collectively. Start now by creating you have everything you need and you and your family are safe. Let go of fear and get grounded by putting your attention on your belly and FEEL your power...it's your movie.


After writing the post about dreams I've been thinking more about the nature of personal reality. The first time I crossed the English Channel and saw the white cliffs of Dover I was overwhelmed with the emotion of coming home and began to cry. I don't know why I felt that way but I did. I assumed it was because of a past life memory but it didn't have the feel of one. Then a couple of years later while taking a workshop they had us see if we recognized our main archetype and I was surprised to discover mine was a writer rather than the expected goddess, saint etc. My impression was the writer was in a cottage in  England and reminded me of the emotion I felt when I saw the white cliffs of Dover. I don't know that I properly completed the exercise since the goal was to free oneself from archetypal influence but apparently I didn't because I have had several glimpses of that same experience. The jury is still out on what it all means.

The Art of Invisibility

I think we've all had moments when we wished we were invisible, to avoid embarrassing situations or potential harm. Several years ago I realized how desirable this skill would be during the coming times and when my black belt son opened a Karate School it reminded me of Ninja skills. Their art of concealment, stealth and invisibility all felt familiar and I suspected that the past life memory of a female Japanese warrior was kunoichi, female Ninja. I understood that reality is very plastic, very fluid and had some comprehension of how the mind and frequencies work. I experimented how to mentally keep a low profile and maintain a zen non aggressive not there aura. At work I had many opportunities to morph into a non-entity profile, working in a man's field provided plenty of practice. Since retirement I'm refining expanding the light net to dissolving the particles that includes home and car. Don't misunderstand, I am not saying I disappear yet in a way I do, sales clerks ignore me, people bump me in line, cars run through stop signs like I'm not even there, twice lately I narrowly missed getting nailed by grocery carts and in general I go unnoticed. When I am noticed I'm really not, I sense it's superficial robotic response reminding me I'm in Ninja mode. I find Practicing Presence is very zen Ninja aligned, when present, with the ego is at rest, its easy to fade into the woodwork.

Addicted To Chocolate

I had a funny experience recently, in reference to this site someone asked was I a 'compulsive psychic'? I don't think so but will admit to an attraction to chocolate.  I find it amusing when people assume anyone with metaphysical bent is freaky obsessed so although  there's always the oddball lunatic fringe please don't lump us all together. I'm not compelled to do anything and don't assume this interest excludes everything else. I'm a busy homemaker and Grandma that you might see at Home Depot shopping for a decorating project, 4wheeling the Old Military Road, at the flea market, Branson show or a Powwow. A prerequisite to my 'mission' is left brain practicality equals right brain intuition, the communication bridge that requires both feet on the ground to work. No space cadets allowed.


Years ago while on a Christmas holiday tour to England I took advantage of an unexpected free day for a side tour to Stonehenge. I was so excited to be there, wondering what motivated the builders and enabled them to move the stones etc? I knew about ley line's and  that the surrounding area apparently had a special vibration as crop circles frequently appeared and according to our guide, UFO's as well. I kept away from the other visitors trying to intuitively feel it, walking all around for the full experience but was disappointed that I really didn't sense anything-so much for all the hype. Though sunny, it was a cold windy day and after totally exploring the entire monument for an hour or so I froze out and headed back to the gift shop. I purchased a few souvenirs and stepped outside for a cigarette but it was so cold I retreated to the bus alone. When I sat down and closed my eyes I was amazed to suddenly sense a buzz-as though someone pushed a button turning on this low electrical-like buzzy inner sound--what the h...? I had the impression it was an activation...I realized the 'sacred machine' created by the stone henge emitted a signature frequency that activated ages old Atlantean temple training. I think many sacred sites hold frequencies that activate some of us returning Atlanteans per our individual programs and within months I was following the yellow brick road re Mission. I have never been back to Stonehenge but the buzz remains.

Co-Creative Science

Years ago my gifted  sister,  Sissy,  held an open house/salon every Sunday at her home out on the farm for her many friends and followers from the city. One Sunday I chatted briefly with someone and the next Sunday they surprised me with a book on the White Brotherhood.. I never even caught their name and don't have the book anymore but I grasped the concept of a group of highly evolved beings willing to work with us and just went for it. Immediately I began to try to direct the energy in my reality, enabled by this group. I used them for everything that came up in life, I sent them to fight my battles for me, help with money, clean up my many mistakes while they were doing all that they taught me a lot about frequencies.  I always sensed their assistance behind the scenes and remained alert for their input, refining my intuitive ability. This became the foundation I had already built when I discovered Machelle Small-Wright's "Co-Creative Science" body of work and established my first Working with Nature soilless garden and MAP team that always contain a White Brotherhood team. After all those years of winging it I finally found a format that I have used ever since. Later I realized Angels are in perfect alignment with Co-Creative Science and work separately and sometimes together. The Angels 'accomplish where unto they are sent' and the Co-Creative Science teams are for personal use to manifest or handle whatever one needs or wishes to create by working directly with Nature Intelligence, the architectural Deva's/builders.

Past Life Paradigm

I like to think of past lives as 'lives I have known'....I've done past life regression since my twenties and find it a useful way to address present issues. My own spontaneous recalls may surprise but the vignettes definitely align with whatever I'm 'suffering'. The first time I ever read about the Titanic I knew I was an 3rd class immigrant below deck and my first prerequisite years later for my one and only cruise was a 1st class stateroom, even so it was a big disaster, I got sick on the plane to Miami and would have cancelled out except had to see the Mayan Atlantean ruins, which I managed in spite of being inexplicably ill. I have known since I was a child not to wear necklaces because it triggers guillotine memories of my 'French Court' experience, where I was a hairdresser at Versailles judged guilty by association and paid for it. I danced at Moulin Rouge, was a Temple trained priest/frequency keeper in the last days of Atlantis, a Confederate soldier who fought at Shiloh - just one of several military experiences including a righteous Templar Crusader and a female Japanese warrior, I was a Cathar nun  during the Inquisition, a gem trader at Canyon de Chelly when it was Atlantean colony, and a saloon girl in Santa Fe, just to mention a few. None of these were grand, just a bit player/worker bee but all were opportunities to learn about life. Some I can't bear to explore, but I know they all contribute to the person I am today and when karmic pin pricks/ sword thrusts popup, point in the direction that needs release. These tableau vivants give us the space where we can willingly experience what we otherwise can't bear to remember.


I read it was the French who first noticed UFO activity near ley lines. Since ley lines are on electromagnetic earth energy grids then maybe they tap them for fuel somehow? Or the veil is thinner there so we are able to see them more easily? The ley line I grew up on seems to be a UFO hotspot. Several neighbors had sightings which confirms my own childhood memory. One family driving home from a movie one night came on one parked on the road. Another couple with their grandson visiting saw lights and looked out and watched one hovering over their corral. Then there was a daylight sighting by multiple members of one family that stood in their yard and watched a large craft stationary in the sky. My mother had a 5am sighting of a lighted craft hovering over an Indian mound a mile away. Though they were all frightened none of these people had any memory they were abducted, as far as they recall the craft just moved away after awhile. I find it interesting this happened on a 5 mile stretch of farm to market road that runs between Indian mounds and sense the mounds are still emitting their Atlantean frequency signature that is usable?


Year ago while living in the Hot Springs, Arkansas crystal vortex, my husband built me a pyramid. It's built to scale, about 18". I had read about pyramid energy and was curious. I put it on the dresser in my bedroom and that night experienced I was asleep in my upstairs bedroom in house where I grew up, and awoke knowing 'they' were on the stairs landing. There was several of them, typical greys wearing shiny  royal blue jumpsuits with a gold lightning bolt Raku logo on the heart and wrist area. The leader compelled me to stare deeply into his eyes that  held the entire wisdom of the Universe...and I seemed to comprehend crossing dimensions somehow. The rest of the night  I slept lightly, aware they were there and knew I was being downloaded/programmed although I couldn't recall the specific details by the time I got up the next morning.


Years ago I hosted a group of friends every Thursday afternoon. We would all gather in a circle and after a quiet moment that set the 'tone' we would go around the table, taking turns, each one speaking their thankfulness, their need, their goal, their problem, whatever was on their heart, while the rest of us held the space for them, sending them support, approval, ATTENTION in our own way without any need for comment or discussion, just quiet acceptance. If they chose to not speak or could not bear to speak it was all the same. I think somehow we knew that what one experienced we all did and we simply allowed it to be. Once finished we sit quietly for awhile, lighthearted even as tears dried and then with a lot of laughter, we usually ended our meetin' with a glass of wine and tarot readings by an intuitive soulsista. A few times in my travels I had other blessing circles, each time, each area, each energy was different yet when a group of us gathered I know we benefited each other with our positive healing intent, taking the time to care enough to be there for each other. Words can get in our way, be misinterpreted, but intense heartfelt feeling allows the space for Spirit where words cannot.


When it came to rituals I was just ignorant. I didn't get it at all. I thought that was superstitious nonsense and didn't realize I was already doing a lot of traditional 'ritual's' such as birthday cakes, Christmas presents, Easter dress, Thanksgiving turkey, New Years toast, the list is endless. These pace our lives, marking our progress. These rites of passage enhance our sense of identity, our sense of belonging, our place in our 'tribe' and in the greater world. Rituals celebrate new beginnings, progress and completion, providing a sense of stability in a changing reality. How many times have you heard someone say they needed closure? Perhaps we need to revive the old ways or create new ones  that ground us and practice them with intention.

Arkansas Eureka Springs Stargate Portal

I've already shared some info about the 'Hot Springs' crystal area stargate and wanted to remind you of another important area according to Tyberonn, www.earth-keeper.com,  "Arkansas: Emerging Crystal Portal". Within a 70mile radius of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is the upper area of the vortex, bringing in the hydro energies. If you ever visited this beautiful country then you were exposed to the benevolent energies of this sacred land, but beware that some spots may require clearing. The old spa town of Eureka Springs is a blossoming spiritual center, where many earthkeepers and lightworkers relocated. I personally perceived this call back in the 1980's and later while visiting Branson/Hollister and Table Rock Lake had an intense personal experience where I was lovingly embraced and comforted by the Gaia/Earth Great Mother frequency, exactly what I needed at the time.

Freewill or Predestination

Mother always said we could be whatever we wanted to be. I believed her and through determination and grit, went for my goals. I read New Thought books and manifested a lot of what I wanted, bigtime ego stuff. I seriously took myself seriously. I thought I was really in charge. I seemed to have a lot of control over some things but maybe others just happened. As someone said, "The freewillers and predestinationers are tied in the third quarter". Later on I discovered my beliefs created my reality (hey I had proof, didn't I believe what Mama said?) and I refined this to where I CHOSE beliefs aligned with what I wished to experience-wow, how fun is this--Master of the Game! But somewhere along the way I began to suspect this was preprogramed.......I had an impression that rather than me so selectively choosing--that instead I was chosen-Holy Smoke! As my life unfolded I thought I made the choices but looking back in the rearview mirror I saw a pattern that led me Down the Yellow Brick Road to here. Holographic Universe? So much for free will.


My dad was a healer and dowser who remained close to the land intuitively sensing its messages. He didn't speak of these things but following in his footsteps was a discipline/training. I grew up in the New Madrid earthquake vortex, on a powerful ley line of energy that ran down the Indian mounds that turned me on to Dragon lines and I understood a past life recall where I was an Atlantean Temple trained 'techie' priest/frequency holder flying over Arizona's red rocks, when it was an Atlantean colony. My job was something like an geophysics engineer intuitively monitoring the electromagnetic grid there. So later when life happened it was a privilege to live on the Eagle ley line that runs from Sedona through Mt. Shasta up to Alaska. While living in the Mt. Shasta vortex area I begin to perceive the behind the scenes training agenda going on and when the opportunity came willingly agreed to move to Alaska, the end of the line, the Alaska vortex, for 2-3yrs I assumed. But my team had other plans and near the end of the summer they told me I would 'fly the Eagle south'. I had no plans to leave Alaska & what did that mean anyway? But due to the old fan trick a couple of weeks later I was at the airport heading back to the lower 48. When I changed planes in Anchorage I got sick and slept most of the long flight, awakening as the plane began its descent into Phoenix. As I looked out the window ages old Temple training skills kicked in and I recognized the Sedona Vortex/Eagle ley line below, stirring deep intense emotions that moved me to tears. I had flown the Eagle south.

The Power of Metaphors

OK, so we have a built-in magic genie that creates reality from  our words and thoughts. But what about those negative metaphors we use all the time? Most of us don't realize we could be taken literally when we say "Gimme a break" (broken bones), "Heartbroken" (heart trouble) "Low man on the totem pole" (taken for granted/coming last) etc. Start listening to what you say and start saying what you mean.


The first time I ever visited Hot Springs, Arkansas as a child, I took one look and wanted to live there. I knew nothing about crystals or electromagnetic frequencies or any of that but I felt the magnetic attraction, aside from the obvious scenic beauty. Hot Springs was still a mob town back then, with wide open casinos. By the time I moved there the gangsters were gone and the casinos morphed into mild supper clubs. Driving into the area from Little Rock triggers a kind of euphoria from the unique vibrations forming the vortex from the crystal beds and healing waters of the hot springs. Many visionaries state that this area, from Magnet Cove to Mena, was once an Atlantean colony to access the crystal beds because of the technology they used and that as we near 2012 the Arkansas Stargates are opening heralding the new age of Aquarius. Many lightworkers are being called and relocating there to assist in this transition. While living in the vortex area I experienced a initiatory download escalating my  reawakening as an Atlantean frequency keeper that would be enhanced more fully at Stonehenge and living on the Eagle Ley line.