''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Believing you can, you can. Though you might not. 
Believing you can't, won't change that you can. It just hides it. 
Whereas simply getting started, however timid your first steps are, and consistently moving in the direction of your dreams day after day, will eventually create such unstoppable momentum, you'll find it nearly impossible to believe that there was ever a time when you wavered. 
Let's give them something to talk about -


When life gets stuck you might be thinking too small.  Just decide to allow The Universe carte blanche and see what happens.  Entertaining "the sky's the limit" can open pathways to more than we ever imagined.  We play it safe by setting limitations on love, abundance, financial independence, creative self expression etc then wonder about the restrictions we're experiencing.  Take a chance on Divine Intelligence to give us the best life offers.  Notice I said 'give', not earn. . . . just imagine.


The older I get, the less I set goals - if at all.  This is easier to understand if you realize it's technology, so  much safer and satisfying to allow your magnetic vibration to attract what's compatible.  Advanced creators practice allowing - always right for us. 


What's your vision?  If it's anything less that infinite, then backup and review.  I've discovered many networkers are conditioned, hypnotized/domesticated into ironclad beliefs that block their imagination from entertaining miracles and magic - our terms for things we don't understand.  We need to play and pretend to believe because The Universe gives us what we focus on -- it can't tell pretense from reality.


What's your 20?  If you know what that is, you're showing your age!  I'm not referring to that, rather I'm referring to whether you live where you were born.  I recall somewhere Edgar Cayce said your horoscope is different if you do.  I live near the Old Military Road and  about 3 miles from the hospital I was born  so wonder about the locational significance.  Besides the New Madrid Earthquake Vortex energy, this is Civil War battle/skirmish fields everywhere, so history is living here. Retirees love it, at first anyway, but native born probably fare better.


It may appear my website is taking a new direction but that's nothing new,  longtime readers are used to it.  My current focus includes Refresh Home Temple/sunporch study, exploring elves paradigm, summer vacation, networking and this and that. I'm a 'girlie gal' that loves fashion, decorating, romance - following the family  artistic creative gardener healer heritage with special  kudos to my Scots-Irish grandma that passed down her mojo/DNA.  Thank you.


Elves:  One definition is they are nature intelligence energy software projecting  form/function, providing an interactive format.  Most are unaware they can interact with Nature Intelligence so the pathway remains closed - unless they might accept that energy taking the form of a fairy, angel or elf etc that can speak?  Actually, Nature Intelligence has no problem communicating with us when we open to it but elves may be a frequency upgrade because they appear in person/direct? 


Image result for earth from apolloFor new readers, FYI, those wondering whazup with elves anyway?  Over the years I've written about a lot of things but The Mission has always been the priority.  Although Sissy's  original message said 'help restore the Earth', in the meantime those 'glass half full types' like me, dedicated to keeping the Earth green/aka save the planet. How many times have you cried viewing Earth from Apollo or viewing your garden bursting forth like magic or reading Eckhart "Earth, 114 million years ago, one morning just after sunrise: the first flower ever to appear on the planet opens up to receive the rays of the sun"?  Can you sense the aliveness of our beautiful blue jewel/Earth Mother/Gaia the goddess?  If so, then maybe Elves are a interactive software?


In a blog post published in January, good ol' NASA quietly reminded the world that there are in fact 13 constellations in the original zodiac and not 12, as we've become accustomed to believe. 


Just a reminder to clarify the difference between intuition and telepathy - both are viable means of guidance but  intuition gut-smacks you in your Solar Plexus while telepathy floats in messages, they unfold, perhaps inspired by book, TV, billboard, metaphor instinctively received..  The former is always right but the latter may be sent from ?? so make sure you know. I mention this because not a lot have the Solar Plexus intuitive bridge open.  FYI the post Refresh Home Temple was telepathic and also the posts on Angels and Elves  that also came via Morning Messages.  Often I use the term "intuit,intuited,intuiting" which means instinctual understanding -- while the term 'intuition' means direct message/lightening bolt/arrow shot via Solar Plexus chakra intuitive bridge/Higher S(elf) aka gut feeling. In the future I'll define source when applicable.


Just a reminder, our word is a magic wand (Linda Goodman "Star Signs" pg 350, and gossip is black magic taken as a personal wish/command/desire by The Universe, so monitor accordingly.  Also keep in mind that Higher Self  aka  Higher S(Elf) accesses ELF Extra Low Frequency (Star Signs pg 347) and  just when we thought an Elf was playful nature spirits we see ELF extra low frequency is creative. It's technology!  If you're interested, Amazon sells used copies of fascinating "Star Signs" starting at less than $5.


A great documentary on  Kundalini rising  inspired an epiphany.  25 years ago, having read Linda Goodman's bestseller "Star Signs", I decided to try her 'Red Light' method for weight control. During the 3rd or 4th session I was startled out of my wits when I had a spontaneous kundalini rising activation/initiation.  Even though I knew what it was, it's terrifying to feel the serpent undulating your spine and I didn't do any more Red Light sessions! The epiphany was, after 25 years, realizing kundalini activation was technology!  The Red Light session triggered the kundalini initiation.  Also, the  authors called  kundalini aka holy ghost/Spirit, who knew? A day or two later I had a spontaneous  Third Eye Pineal Gland experience relative to the kundalini activation.
DISCLAIMER: Beware! Although the Red Light sessions accidentally activated kundalini in my case, it may not for you and besides, I advise you to wait until it happens naturally.  Awakened kundalini aka holy ghost can lead down a rocky road so  wait until you're ready.


You probably recognize the the term "juju", commonly used to refer to the feeling of something. For example, if a person feels offset by an object or place, they would say that the object or place has "bad juju." Last year I shared an experience, and although the company was forced to remove the artifacts, the store still has an uncomfortable aura making me wonder if the artifacts frequency is still radiating and also raises the question, are copies as powerful as the originals?  Scary thought.   


I'm still updating Home Temple/sunporch study.  Many are aware how the energy shifts when they move or add furniture/art etc to a space, often auto activating a new dynamic. In my experience, there's no such thing as an inanimate object so make sure combinations/additions feel right and follow your intuition/guidance.


Just when I think I'm on the right track, Nature Intelligence informs otherwise.  I intended to offer Far Memories sessions again but awoke at 3am with Morning Message to cancel that.  Instead I got the idea/message to refresh my Home Temple aka focus attention  - there's more to come.


How's your Focus Power?  Many  spread theirself too thin, wearing too many different hats, squandering their Creative Attention, merely daydreaming.   Wannabe authors write books but never market them, want a husband/boyfriend/new home or whatever, idly wishing and wanting.  The Universe recognizes repetitive/immersion detail so join the great creators who know the secret is focused Attention, until it manifests.  


There's still tailender/hangover/speedbumps  from Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow phase, which  surely will move on soon. Programmed  to get my grit on and tackle challenges (Mama's always said "Can't can't do anything"), creates character/backbone, always useful in these times.


Today Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow phase is finished (bye bye) but wish someone would tell the Action Planet for me!  I'm still fixing last minute  glitches and hear others are also.  Makes me wonder?  Otherwise, I'm feeling excitement buzz, always welcome energy aka Neville "Signs follow, they do not precede".  With the Full Moon in Scorpio pinging my (Wartime)  "Moon in Scorpio", I'm ready for those wonderful things - pour in and pile up.  Thank you to all the New Thought writers who raise vibrations/awareness.


Life is funny.  That said, this morning I was thinking about the DNA embedded psychic aka WiseWoman genes, handed down from my Scots-Irish grandmother.  She married at fifteen and led a gypsy migrant worker life until life spun on a dime in her sixties - from  picking grapes to relative wealth/security overnight.  Granma was a tough survivor and I have to wonder what such a hard life was about?  Was it the  psychic ability that saw her through?  Granpa was a drinking man and they traveled the  dirt roads living out of a Model T or a tent at best before forsaking the dust bowl for Bakersfield Okie refugee life working in the fields until life happened and she returned to Oklahoma and financial security/wealth.  I wish I could have visited and talked with her more.  Granma I love you and hope you are in an easy space, somewhere in time.


Two more days until  Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow  is history and the energy ups to normal speed, very welcome here at The Cottage, since it's been slo-mo since the Pre Shadow began March 8, 2018. In spite of OR because of, the slow as molasses energy opened a communication line with Elves, interesting  to see where that goes?  The advanced might enjoy "Alien Contact - Secret Societies" on Amazon Prime, that references the El's aka Elves (perhaps technological embedded software installed Earth energy per the Sumerian creator gods unknown agenda)?
Amazon.com: Alien Contact: Secret Societies: -: Movies & TV


Did you see the Full Moon last night?  It's a beauty.  I'm amazed at how many never notice the mystery and magic of this beautiful blue planet we live on.  Then, even fewer connect in any way, with the natural intelligence of the land aka plants, trees, elves aka earth energies.  It's not too late to open a direct communication line with Nature Intelligence for assistance, security, to grow food, keep the earth green and more.  Here's a shout-out to my long departed healer gardener parents - my psychic Father that passed down his Scots-Irish mojo DNA and my artistic  English/German/Cherokee Mother that surrounded us with all the fairytale books encouraging and enabling our imagination and more. Thank you.


Hi to all my readers--  I retired www.ozarkangel.com so in case it doesn't redirect, you might Save new web address.
As always, www.theelfqueen.com will offer the same kind of eclectic fare as usual, but ever evolving, with an added twist/new dynamic  per the vibratory essence per "the elfqueen" ........ and yes, I'll attribute name change to the elves influence?  Let's see what else they have to offer.
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Mercury Retrograde post shadow phase ends May 2 and there's a Full Moon in Scorpio (pinging my own wartime Moon in Scorpio) April 29 so we can expect increased activity (watch out for any negative aspects).   Intensify intention, imagine, play, laugh like you would if you had what you want.  Don't assume The Universe knows your desire -- make it clear!   Love life and it will love you right back!     


Yesterdays post, was another reminder to remain present just as we are, right where we are, and allow The Universe to gift us with what's Right For Us.  How many times have you seen or experienced creating something so entirely wrong, attracting detours/minefields sometimes impossible to avoid?  Been there done that!  So many waste their time with  inappropriate daydreams so out of their league, unaware we attract what we are so be careful what you wish for.  Candid self assessment will open the pathway to what we need/can handle, not some disastrous  illusion of egoic mind.