''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Yesterday's Full Moon in Scorpio offers up some useful lunar energy for some while others align with the escalated vibrations/ride the Full Moon wave.  For me, it's healing nurturing beneficent rays, much appreciated as I settled in new apartment  etc. and acclimate to Appalachian vibes.  


Settling in new Appalachian apartmen I'm following Eckhart Tolle's advice:  
“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”


So far no further insight into this location, other than the Foxfirebooks influence I mentioned and that this area is considered favorable per earth changes?  I've met one person building an off grid house, unsure if they're preppers. Not that this may be the only move criteria? Stay tuned.


Re The Mission team -  it hasn't escaped me that many question why one would partner in a situation where they aren't the primary?  The answer of course, is the mission itself, to restore the Earth, the reason for myself and likeminded others, incarnating in the first place.

Years ago Sissy's channel, said that along with the White Brotherhood, aliens would assist us, that all good will be sent to help our troubled world, even as we will be used to restore the earth, so will others.

Originally I thought I chose to do this, but over the years I realized it was preordained, Einstein is right.  Most would agree if aware others, off planet perhaps, have advanced technology etc.  They aren't concerned with our spiritual progress, they're concerned we may blowup the planet, wreaking havoc with the galaxy,  and provide repair teams standing by.  Are you on one?


Re post on Appalachian move, it reminded me of an earlier time when The Mission team moved me out of situation I hung on to even though it was negative. The present situation is different, yet I have to wonder if I'd been more proactive, would the consequences been less? Maybe. . .but would have ended up here all the same.  Stay tuned.


I'm starting to acclimate Appalachian style lol, probably due to the seventies Foxfire books focus.  I fell in love with the area and all the old ways, a natural for a sixties prepper (years before that label was coined).  Re health issues planting me here -  Although that seems odd I was moved from Alaska back home due to a health issue fourteen years ago  so know it happens, albeit rad for sure. Working with White Brotherhood etc. I learned early on that they retain the lead, due to their overview and if you don't take the intuitive hints/guidance, they will make sure you do.  Is this permanent or temporary?  Let's see.


On a personal note, I haven't posted because of health issues, plus sold The Cottage and moved near my son.  One creative  belief on this was "Life spins on a dime", along with  The Mission, that makes me question if all the former transpired out of the blue to plant me here in Appalachia, since I know from experience when we won't move sometimes The Universe will move us? I never dreamed I'd ever live here, but back in the sixties I lived and breathed the Foxfire books, falling in love with this area, and just yesterday my son said he received them for Christmas?  Stay tuned.


It's a rainy misty morning here at The Cottage, perfect to bake bread, write  poetry, anything creative. I love this kind of weather vis a vis April showers bring May flowers.  The red bud and dogwood are blooming and the trees wearing their new leaves again so is really lovely here in these Ozark foothills. Come visit.


The ancient pagan origins of Easter

Easter is a festival and holiday celebrated by millions of people around the world who honor the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days after his crucifixion at Calvary. It is also the day that children excitedly wait for the Easter bunny to arrive and deliver their treats of chocolate eggs. 
Easter is a ‘movable feast’ which is chosen to correspond with the first Sunday following the full moon after the March equinox and occurs on different dates around the world since western churches use the Gregorian calendar, while eastern churches use the Julian calendar.

Christian’s today celebrate Easter Sunday as the resurrection of Jesus. Image source .
Most historians, including Biblical scholars, agree that Easter was originally a pagan festival. According to the New Unger’s Bible Dictionary: “The word Easter is of Saxon origin, Eastra, the goddess of spring, in whose honour sacrifices were offered about Passover time each year. By the eighth century Anglo–Saxons had adopted the name to designate the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.” However, even among those who maintain that Easter has pagan roots, there is some disagreement over which pagan tradition the festival emerged from. Here we will explore some of those perspectives.
Resurrection as a Symbol of Rebirth
One theory that has been put forward is that the Easter story of crucifixion and resurrection is symbolic of rebirth and renewal and retells the cycle of the seasons, the death and return of the sun. 
According to some scholars, such as Dr. Tony Nugent, teacher of Theology and Religious Studies at Seattle University, and Presbyterian minister, the Easter story comes from the Sumerian legend of Damuzi (Tammuz) and his wife Inanna (Ishtar), an epic myth called “The Descent of Inanna” found inscribed on cuneiform clay tablets dating back to 2100 BC.


The Friday before Easter Day, on which the church commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. It is a day of fasting and special acts of discipline and self-denial. In the early church candidates for baptism, joined by others, fasted for a day or two before the Paschal feast. In the west the first of those days eventually acquired the character of historical reenactment of the passion and death of Christ. The liturgy of the day includes John's account of the Passion gospel, a solemn form of intercession known as the solemn collects (dating from ancient Rome), and optional devotions before the cross (commonly known as the veneration of the cross). The eucharist is not celebrated in the Episcopal Church on Good Friday, but Holy Communion may be administered from the reserved sacrament at the Good Friday service.


Full Moon April 2019 ~ Exiled Herds

The full moon 19 April 2019, falls at 29ยบ Libra decan 3. The full moon april 2019 astrology is aligned with fixed star Izar in the constellation of Bootes the Herdsman. The closest aspect to the full moon is an opposition to Uranus. The tarot card is the 4 of swords and the healing crystal will be the Sunstone.The full moon April 2019 in Libra is extremely sensitive to the collectives’ emotions. That means those touched by this full moon can adjust themselves to suit their audience. The success of the fixed stars here brings even more likelihood of one being able to tap into the zeitgeist. The April full moon has great business sense and is able to capitalize on this greatly. However, as far as dignity goes, the Moon has no real power in Libra decan 3 and even feels quite uncomfortable. At some point, while the Moon is here then, there could be a danger of someone or some group falling out of favour and of even being placed in exile.


If you're spiritual, religious or whatever your persuasion, join likeminded equals today, Palm Sunday 2019, connecting with the Divine Presence within. . . in honor of the King.  

Mercury stationary direct

Mercury retrograde goes stationary direct today and will end post retrograde phase April 16 so take it easy until then.  Hooray-- we made it!


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Meet The Unseen Therapist (In whom the impossible becomes routine)

The Unseen Therapist is your “spiritual healer within.”
She is ever-present and, when you learn to use Her skills properly, you will find She is vastly more powerful than drugs, surgeries and other man-made attempts at healing.
The Unseen TherapistShe represents a healing revolution that leaves your current beliefs behind and whisks you off on a magic carpet ride into your personal healing cosmos.
This is where your ultimate remedy resides and, once mastered, your view of the entire healing field will shift. Your need for drugs and surgeries will be minimized or erased. Side effects will fade into near nothingness. And heavy expenses will be dramatically curtailed. In their place will emerge creative possibilities that will bring new levels of healing into your hands.


Mercury goes direct Thursday so many will sense release beginning now as the energy begins to move.   so be open to guidance  and expansion.  My morning message today was to connect to   Goddess wisdom for help- revealing transparent religious/patriarchal indoctrination  blocking my path.                                                           



Previously I discussed the art of invisibility, or what I term Ninja mode.   For those so attuned, the benefit in fading into the background was a natural step in your evolvement.  You refined your ability to  sense energy and monitor frequencies  including your own electromagnetic signals.  Most WiseWomen already fly under the radar to  avoid attracting attention  because of their reclusive persuasion. When they do have to venture out, they dress down not up and are nondescript in every way, from their appearance to the car they drive and their home maintaining low level energy output optimizing their invisibility cloaking.  They make their contribution anonymously behind the scenes, leaving center stage to others.


The Supermoon/Spring Equinox lunar vibes may rock your boat but hang on, Mercury will turn direct on March 28th. The planet won’t reach 29 degrees Pisces and ingress into Aries until April 18th. Compassion is called for.  In the meantime, the return of the Sun gives us new life, new vision, growth and inspiration.


Public Domain Max Pixel
It will be the first spring equinox supermoon in 19 years, and won't happen again until 2030.
My heavens, what a splendid occurrence of celestial events we will be treated to this week. Not only do we finally get to usher in spring by means of the vernal equinox on March 20, but we get to do it by the light of a bonus supermoon.
The March 20 - 21st full moon will be the first full moon of spring in the Northern Hemisphere (and the first full moon of autumn for the Southern Hemisphere). The moon will also be at an exceptionally close distance in its orbit to Earth, meaning that it will appear 14 percent larger and 12 percent brighter than usual – thus, a supermoon.
The equinox will occur on Wednesday, March 20 at 5:58 p.m. Eastern Time; the supermoon will be hot on its heels, officially reaching its full phase around four hours at 9:43 p.m.
A full moon and the spring equinox haven't occurred this closely since 2000, and won't sync up again until March of 2030. If there were ever a time to frolic in the woods, I'd say this is it.
Read more about the equinox here: 7 quirky facts about the vernal equinox.

Eckhart Tolle Earth CHANGES

Since human life and human consciousness are intrinsically one with the life of the planet, as the old consciousness dissolves, there are bound to be synchronistic geographic and climatic natural upheavals in many parts of the planet, some of which we are already witnessing now."A New Earth" pg 23


Happy St Patrick's Day to all and special memories, RIP to my Scots-Irish grandmother and RIP to  my English/Irish dearly beloved on our wedding anniversary 38 years ago today.